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How Medicare and Medicaid Differ

Healthcare professionals will be familiar with the acronym LASA, which stands for "look-alike-sound-alike" and refers to medications. When it comes to federal programs, Medicaid and Medicare, in written form, look alike and they do sound alike but work very differently.…

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Social Security: Is It at Risk?

According to a government report, Medicare and Social Security are at risk of insolvency. Social Security will have to start spending down, potentially including massive cuts in payments to recipients by 2035. Likewise, Medicare will be forced to leave patients…

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Disability, Special Needs, and Senior Medicaid Qualifications

Medicaid is an important federal-state partnership program offering health care and long-term care to seniors and people with disabilities. Qualifications for Medicaid vary by state, with overarching federal guidelines. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a nonprofit organization focusing on national…

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An Overview of Long-Term Care and the FLTCIP

FLTCIP may be of interest to federal employees, postal workers, and active or retired members of the armed forces. First, the basics of long-term care: it isn’t professional medical care, it isn’t seeking recovery or a cure. It includes home…

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