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Undue Influence Over a Will-Maker

It’s a fact that our older loved ones will become elderly and possibly ill down the road, which means they become susceptible to manipulation from those who will defraud or steal. Targeted attacks on vulnerable older people to exert what…

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Thriving While Caring for Your Family

There is a record 53 million people in the United States who provide care for an older family member. About 17 percent of the US population is a family caregiver, and most are losing sleep, worrying, losing income, struggling to…

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What is a Sandwhich Generation?

How to Take Care of Yourself as You Take Care of Others Are you trying to juggle raising your kids, working, trying to take care of yourself, and now caring for an aging parent? That makes you part of the…

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Long Term Care Medicare Coverage

Most people know that by paying into Social Security throughout their careers, they can receive health care benefits through Medicare starting at age 65.  Individuals under age 65 who qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits are also covered under…

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Alzheimer’s Has Many Hidden Costs

Policymakers consider both direct and indirect costs when they consider the costs of dementias like Alzheimer’s disease. Direct costs, in this instance, are the medical and social/non-medical care costs related to dementia; on average, expenses included $273 per month spent…

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