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Seniors Aided by New Technological Advances Enabling Them to Age in Place

With the boom in the elderly population, the technology industry has taken initiative to develop technologies that assist the elderly in many ways. There are continuous developments and implementations of inventive digital Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that transform the lives of aging adults as well as their caregivers. Each new tech development cycle strives to provide a product that is more robust while increasing its ease of use. Keeping up with digital advancements and trends can make a profound difference in a senior’s life.

For seniors and near seniors opting to age in place, Silver Mother Sensors can continuously monitor their health and safety. In essence, “Mother” is a data tracker with lots of built-in flexibility. Remote sensors communicate with the mother hub, and useful, real-time information attached to household items. Family members or caregivers track their loved one’s activities using an app and respond to any behavioral changes. Silver Mother Sensors can relay hydration measurements through sensors placed on drinking bottles. It can track sleep patterns and spot health issues through a sensor placed on the mattress. It also can monitor the temperature to ensure a comfortable environment as well as provide mobility alerts through sensors placed on doors. Mobility alerts are particularly useful for dementia wandering prevention. Silver Mother sensors affixed to in-home devices and appliances are a great way to monitor a senior and give caregivers the option of remote monitoring.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) include driving to and from doctors’ appointments, shopping centers, social activities, and more. Parking a car in a large lot or multi-level garage can become confusing for a senior when it is time to head home. Remembering where they have parked their vehicle can be a challenge. While there are several GPS-based parking locator apps available, the iPhone Park’N’Forget app is reliable, easy to use, and very inexpensive. For those with Android smartphones, there are also several apps available. One of the easiest to use is find my parked car, which allows you to save your parking location easily and then select find your vehicle when it is time to leave. All of these GPS-based car locator apps require your smartphone location to be active to work correctly.

Hearing loss is becoming increasingly prevalent in the aging American population, according to the Department of Health & Human Services. Applications are now available that can allow a senior to modify settings on their hearing aids instead of having to make a trip to the audiologist. These apps should not replace a professional audiologist who can fine-tune your hearing aids but allow for occasional tweaks in-between regular professional appointments. Seniors with iPhones can use the app ReSound, which enables them to connect their hearing aids to their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch via Bluetooth. The app will allow the user to adjust volume, treble, bass, as well as create customized settings for specific environments. Seniors with Android-based technology smartphones can use one of several hearing-aid apps to make adjustments in much the same way as the iPhone counterpart. Many of these apps include a feature that allows the user to locate a lost hearing aid.

While voice recognition digital assistants have become commonplace in the homes of aging Americans Reminder Rosie is specifically designed for seniors. The familiar-looking large, easy-to-read digit LED clock can help a senior stay on top of up to 25 tasks that are all spoken in personalized voice reminders. Hearing a directive or reminder in a loved one’s familiar voice increases the chance of compliance with the task. It is also a source of comfort when the voice a senior hears is that of a family member or trusted caregiver. Once a task is complete, the user turns off the alarm. The dates and times of task reminders, as well as pre-recorded messages of future important dates and times, are all easily accessed by voice.

Rendever is a virtual reality experience developed with the senior in mind. It can relieve symptoms of social isolation by creating virtual experiences that transport the senior anywhere imaginable. This wearable device can let a senior stroll through an old neighborhood, visit countries they dreamed of traveling to, walk through a museum exhibition, and so much more. Even without being physically present, a virtual environment allows the brain to engage as though the senior is actually in the scenario presented.

Health information cloud-based tracking systems and smartphone applications are changing the way Americans are aging in place. The constant in all of these systems and apps is change.

Technology companies have continuous business cycles of upgrades and improvements to guide seniors to safer and healthier living. Staying current for a senior can be a daunting task, so look for reliable information through a trusted source. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you with your planning. Please contact our New York office or call us at 607-271-9270.

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